Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response KEY POINTS

* Upper management teams have embraced the importance of COVID-19 and are dedicated to the education and safety of their employees.

* Mandatory COVID-19 trainings shall be incorporated into this return-to-work outline for all returning and new employees. 

* Partitioning of healthy employees from affected and/or exposed individuals is an extreme focus.

* Constant personal hygiene, sanitization and the provision of supplies to do so is an extreme focus. 

* Social distancing guidelines and practices are to be strictly enforced, to include 6’ distancing and not working in capacity greater than 5 employee per 1000 SF. 

* Increased provision of and requirement of additional PPE, including mandatory facial coverings and gloves. 

* Strict protocols for those affected by COVID-19 as mandated by the CDC shall be followed. 

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